Bruce W. Heinemann is a fine art photographer, writer, publisher, and multimedia artist. For over 30 years I have created corporate branded calendars and various print collateral pieces, and the creator and publisher of 8 books, including, The Nature of Wisdom, a coffee table book of my images and quotes, co-published with Barnes and Noble, that have found their way into countless hospitals, healthcare facilities, and thousands of homes and offices. In addition, for many years in the 1990’s, I presented live concerts which included my solo classical/jazz trumpet solo performance with the projection of my images on stage to the theme of The Art of Nature. In 1992, he published his first book: The Art of Nature: Reflections on the Grand Design. In 1997, as a co-producer and cinematographer, he released a music video based on the book, and narrated by Emmy-winning actor, Tom Skerrett. It went on to win a Gold Award at the 1997 Houston International Film Fest. and was syndicated to over 147 PBS stations around the country for broadcast.

At the very dangerous age of 49, in 2001, I was diagnosed and had surgery for prostate cancer. That frightening and bewildering experience led me to put down my trumpet and embark upon a lifelong journey of healing and understanding the greater dimensions of human experience and the deeper meaning and possibilities our lives present.

After decades of employing the profound power of images, words, and music in the realm of marketing and branding for corporate clients and general audiences, this personal health challenge has led me to apply my multimedia talents in these art forms to tell the story of my own journey of healing and the inevitable expansion of higher awareness.

It is from this journey that my story was born. It is now my intention to focus my creative efforts on this site and the upcoming books, videos and live presentations it will engender, in which I share not only my journey, but the profound power of the images, words and music in enriching and inspiring our lives. In it I will share my photographic adventures and insights and how images and words together can be richly expressive and revealing. Please note that author, Abner Prior, who will be quoted throughout this site, is my pen name.

I have a story to tell, and you, too, have a story to tell. As such, its is my sincerest hope that in some way this site may not only inform and expand your awareness about your own life’s journey and the pursuit of your own creative endeavors, but perhaps even in some small way inspire that journey as well.