I am delighted to present here a collection of my music videos. They represent a nice selection of subject matter and music.

As a former trumpet soloist, I used perform live concerts of classical/jazz music with ensembles on stage with my imagery projected on a large screen. The concert was titled: The Art of Nature. Though I no longer play, my love of combining images and music is stronger than ever.

The combination of these two art forms has profound power on our emotions and imagination, which is why I love creating them so much. Here’s hoping you will find them enjoyable and demanding more! For best viewing press “full screen” button to the left of the Vimeo logo on the play bar.

A Poem of Ecstasy

A poem of ecstasy is the liberation and vibrational lightness of pure joy …
the joy of the liberated spirit … so at last ecstasy shall arrive.

Music is revelation, like a bird set free, taking flight, the lightness of being is the joy of being alive manifesting before our eyes and in our heart.


Visions of Reverie

And what is reverie, but a quiet, hidden garden where, imagination unleashed, is free to roam, to wander … its desire indulging in feasts of sensory delights and expressions.

Reverie, the unrestricted and free flowing connection to source …  for the transformation of all things emerges and flourishes in the boundless reverie of imagination.

Reverie is the fragrant, etherial garden where life comes to catch glimpses of itself in a theatre of all possibilities.


Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky… Light, distance, texture, the bones of the earth, the bounty of flora, lush, sparse, barren, palettes of hues, the ever changing drama of sky, where does the sky end and the earth begin? Photography, among all of its noble characteristics is perhaps first, and foremost about relationships… between ideas, themes, colors, shapes, textures, metaphors… I find the visual and metaphorical relationship between earth and sky as the most powerful and inspiring of all subjects in nature. Preparing for and capturing such an image never fails to illicit the deepest of primal instincts and emotions within me… beautiful and deeply moving, yet always the profound and poignant realization of the vastness of life and my very small but meaningful place in it. This is my greatest joy.


The Moments Between Thoughts

Why do we seek to be in nature? Because nature is where we can connect and intimately experience that which is our very essence. A place, devoid of all sensory distractions of a complex and largely confused civilization, where we can be at last be, feel, and ultimately know who and what we really are, in those purest of moments between thoughts, at one with source… the ocean in which we swim.



A musical and visual expression of the many sensory and sentimental experiences of this special time of year


The Eagle Dances

Free and boundless, the eagle takes flight in a dance that celebrates the sheer joy of being alive.



Far from a season of rest, winter is when nature sheds her clothes and bares the richness of her inner beauty for all to see. A season of many moods and sentiments, winter is portrayed here in its moments of solitude and contemplation … and joyous, brilliant, exhilaration.


Cathedrals in Stone

Like the great Cathedrals of Europe, which represent some of the greatest architectural and culturally significant creations of mankind, so too, do the landscape of the canyons and deserts of the Southwest represent natural masterpieces. However,  created over billions of years, unlike, the stone and wood marvels of man that crumble and decay through time, these natural wonders of redrock, flood sculpted washes, and the flourishes of flora scattered within and about, through the inexorable processes of geology and climate, transform and evolve with the passage of the eons. Also like the great Cathedrals, whose soaring interiors reverberated with the glorious sound of Baroque music, I have chosen an oboe concerto by Marcello to express and enhance the deep and uplifting spiritual awakening that one often experiences in these magical places.



Mother Earth … beautiful, sensual, fertile, and nurturing. Thank you for your gift of life and inspiration. I honor you.


This next collection of videos are music videos with quotes, metaphorically paired with images, that support and express the theme of that video. Each of the six videos explore the joys and challenges of our life’s endeavors. As such, they are meant to be both thought provoking and inspiring.

Imagination Inspired

A visual, musical, and narrative essay on the nature and power of our most precious gift: imagination.


Love and Gratitude Are The Fairest Blossoms Which Spring From The Soul

A short, uplifting video depicting sentiments of love and gratitude expressed through the beauty of nature.


What The Road Less Traveled Passes By and Why It Makes All The Difference in The World

What is the road less traveled… but our own unique and authentic life journey? When we live our lives as our true selves, we are free and unencumbered?


The Nature of Wellness

What is Wellness? It is a way of living, a way of being. It is an of understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Above all it is a balanced and inseparable integration and harmony of mind, body, and spirit.


The Fine Art of Healing

Healing is a journey on the path to wholeness… It is the recognition, acceptance and ultimately the integration of all aspects of the true and genuine nature of ourselves. It is a change of consciousness… those beliefs which we hold about ourselves and our way of being in the world. It is the ultimate recognition that we cannot deny those parts of our being which we wish to hide. For it is only when we have the courage to bring them out of those shadows our being and into the light of acceptance, that they at last make us whole again.


The Nature of Life and The Power Within

What is The Power Within but our imagination, belief, and the faith and trust in ourselves? As we cultivate and develop these powers within, not only does the joy we can experience in our lives grow and expand, but so does our ability to uplift and thus be in service to others.