“The masterpiece that is your life is a gift to those you love, but above all, a gift to yourself. With a brush stroke upon the canvas of each new day, let this painting be the work of art that is your life, a work that expresses the beauty and substance of a life well lived unfolding before your very eyes.”

In this 350 page ebook I share with you a selection of my very best images and their accompanying quotes and essays, that give voice to the experience of my own life’s journey.

As they represent a deeply personal meaning for me, it is my hope that in my images and words, you will not only relate to the themes of imagination, joy, love, hope, self-doubt, living authentically, fear and courage, belief and faith, and the journey of healing that are common to all of us, but that they may in some small way resonate with you, and perhaps even inspire or encourage you, as you create the masterpiece that is your life. For you, too, have a story to tell, a story that only you can tell, and the world eagerly awaits its telling.

And, perhaps, its a book whose story has never been better told than in today’s times and challenges.

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